Minimum booking is for 14 nights for periods that include either Christmas or New Year’s Day, changeover 27th December. All sites require a minimum of 21 nights if both Christmas and New Year are included in your holiday. For other dates reserving a specific site requires a minimum of 10 nights.

Management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any camper, without notice, for failing to comply with the conditions stated in these rules or for creating any form of nuisance or annoyance which in any way interferes with the quiet or general comfort of other campers.

Management reserves the right to refuse any person entry to the Resort.

  • Camp in STUDENT AREA
  • Please respect resort staff and obey the security staff
  • Wristbands to be worn at ALL times
  • Until 9pm all noise to be reasonable
  • After 9pm NO noise is allowed, please hold “parties” in town
  • Drive slowly
  • Visitors must be introduced at the office and wear wristbands
  • All visitor cars are to be parked at reception
  • If you are staying after the 6th Dec you may have to move sites

NO PETS will be allowed into the Resort

Residents must make PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS with the office, DURING OFFICE HOURS, for guests to enter the Resort.

6 months cancellation: 90% refund. 6 to 3 months cancellation: 50% refund. 3 months cancellation: 0% refund. 6 weeks cancellation: liable for full site fees.

Site fees are payable in FULL on arrival, less the reservation fee. We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Your site will be re-offered for hire after 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made.

No fires may be made on the ground or on the beach. Please bring your own portable braais. A limited number of free standing braais, without grids, are available.

Only one caravan is allowed per site

The site fee covers one car per site. This must be parked ON the site. Additional cars will be charged for. Maximum of two cars allowed.

Boats and trailers are not allowed on the sites. Special parking facilities are provided.

Stickers must be affixed to your car’s windscreen, on the driver’s side, in such a manner that the entire sticker is clearly visible for the Resort staff to inspect.

Please use water sparingly. All children under the age of 10 years MUST be accompanied by an adult in the ablutions. Bath plugs are not provided.

The washing of clothes, nappies, toilet articles and crockery in the ablution blocks is strictly forbidden at the fresh water taps. Separate sculleries and wash tubs are provided for this purpose. Laundry may not be hung out on site. Please use the washing lines provided.

There are no facilities for washing cars available at the Resort

Please clean your fish in the lagoon before re-entering the Resort.

Power is restricted to 10 amps. Kettles, Frying pans, etc. should be used sparingly. Bring your own 20m lead.

Noise must be restricted to the minimum. TV and radio to be turned LOW at all times.

Bicycles are ridden at your own risk. Please look after your children! To safeguard the children and reduce dust, speed is restricted to 10 km/h.

All persons making use of the Resort and its facilities do so at their own risk. The Management accepts no responsibility for any loss of, or damage to persons, vehicles or other property whilst on the premises.

The Management reserves the right to amend Tariffs and the Rules and Regulations of the Resort from time to time as it deems fit without notification.